Media fail – who predicted the Sharks to win?

Even "the Golden Child" Pat Lambie playing flyhalf at Newlands couldn't stop the Sharks from getting a shellacking

So let’s get this right. The Stormers were top of the South African conference and were unbeaten against fellow South African sides but according to a number of websites and papers in the build up to the game the Sharks were favourites to win.  At Newlands.

So how did that work out for the Sharks?  How about losing 4 tries to nil, with the bonus point for the extra try.  Spank, spank, spanked!  Ouch.

So here were the “winners’ predicting a Sharks love-fest at Newlands.

  • Mark Keohane – in his frenzied love for all things Pat Lambie predicted that even if the Stormers play well they still wouldn’t be good enough to take on the team that walks on water.
  • Supersport – Robby Kempson with the win for the Sharkies (Gavin Rich at least predicted a draw).  Instead of titling his article ‘Sharks are better up front’ it seems it would have made more sense to title this one – ‘Why you should never place money on a prediction you got from a front rower”.
  • The Cape Town newspaper The Weekend Argus (sigh)
Umm… so it’s easy to gloat on a Sunday morning – especially since Big Daddy Rugby never posted up predictions for this weekend.  But it’s not going to stop us, is it?