I’ll nod off during the Haka come September

There was an article in the Cape Times by my favourite rugby scribe, Gavin Rich, a few weeks ago which made some pertinent points about the crazy amount of rugby being played these days

The basic message is that rugby is in danger of shooting itself in the foot with the latest extended addition of the Super 10 rugby….yes remember that, when the Super 15 previously 14 previously 12 was actually made up of 10 teams.

This super rugby concept is going to reduce fans appetite for the game. Results and highlights packages flash at us constantly, build up hype relies on the same formulaic headlines, there’s a standard template for coaches/captains to deliver at post match interviews, fans make the weekly approach to the stadiums in the same zombie like trance trudge

Of course it’s about the moolah, money talks shyte walks, change is the only constant, all that Laissez-Faire theory, but I’m a fan of the old concept, “less is more”.

The fans are their own worst enemy – especially in South Africa where rugby is a religion – even lapping up the pre-pre warm up game which now kicks off in January!!

At the rate we’re going the opening round of the Southern Hemisphere’s premier competition is going to be played on News Year Day, pushing aside my much beloved traditional News Year Day cricket test match.

Ok a MASSIVE exaggeration, but one does hear fans regularly complaining : “Gee it’s so early in the year to be playing rugby”. Still we tune in at kick off, only to justify the administrators decision to play more rugby, and line theirs and the advertisers pockets with golden nuggets (not the chicken , hard currency).

Isn’t this where the administrators and the sponsors and advertisers should come together and do the right thing for the game?

My dream is that there is a level headed executive out there who will have a “Jerry Maguire” moment, plucks the courage to show the 2-fingers to the Man, and walks out with gold-fish in bag and a plucky PA,

The right balance needs to be found to keep us entertained, and avoid viewership burn-out before the end of May! And it needs to be done Pronto.