Peter de Villiers 90% sure that Boks will win World Cup – that’s comforting…

Yes! Big Daddy Rugby always enjoys it when Peter de Villiers gives an interview. These posts just write themselves. So big ol’ PdV went on record yesterday stating that he was “90% sure that the Boks will win the World Cup”.  That’s comforting…

I guess we can just ignore the really bad 2010 season and the start to the 2011 campaign.  We’ve got an assurance from the man himself.  Just to make really, really sure that we can relax ahead of the big trip down under, I thought I’d do a little research (thank you Google search bar) on previous predictions Peter de Villiers has made to the media.

So according to my very reliable research Peter de Villiers has gone on record with some famous predictions before:

  • PdV was 90% sure that when George Lucas made Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace in 1999 that it was going to be “way better than the first Star Wars films”
  • PdV was 90% sure that Buster Douglas didn’t stand a chance against Mike Tyson
  • PdV was 90% sure that South Africa didn’t stand a chance in the 438 Wanderers game, so much so that he switched off the tv after Ponting’s knock, proclaiming the Proteas performance to be “bullsh@t”.
  • PdV was 90% sure that Ricky Januarie was telling the truth about that new Atkins diet he was on
  • PdV also took out a massive subprime mortgage investment at the start of 2008 – proclaiming the American real estate market to be “as safe as houses”.
Alrighty PdV, thanks for making my day. I’m going to miss you after you’re sacked after the World Cup – just like all Bok coaches.
Peter de Villiers