Shane Williams…what a way to go!

Shane you beauty!

Scoring a cracker of a try in injury time in your last ever game for Wales….nice!

If the post-match interview with twinkle-toed Shane fighting back the tears while holding his hobbit-like offspring didn’t move you – either you’re a cynical fool without a heart or you have no tear ducts.

An emotional farewell from Shane Williams



And it’s goodnight from him…

Shane Williams will be saying an emotional farewell in his final test for Wales against Australia at the Millenium Stadium this Saturday.

The pint-sized national hero will be hoping to bow out on a high by wreaking revenge on the Aussies for their bronze final defeat at the World Cup in October.

Willams has commented that although a try would be a special bonus, his sense of national pride and achievment¬†would be all the more intense if he gets to: ‘laugh hysterically in the faces of the defeated Australians as they pick the pieces of James O’Connor’s skull from the bloodied Millenium Stadium turf.’

Steady on Shane!

Shane was caught heading to his local pawn shop.