Well done Reds

Hats off to the team, coach and management of the Reds. After being annihilated by the Bulls a mere 4 years ago and finishing bottom of the log, they’ve turned it around to finish top of the log anmakeld their nerve to take the Final too.

Coach Ewan seems like a good bloke and the players have a real joy for the way the way they play (think of Digby’s celebrations this season).

It’s not easy turning rabble around, just ask Heyneke. These guys deserve the night on the town that is being unleashed on Brisbane tonight. Having visited there myself I am sure the Bundies is flowing copiously. Lock up the women and children, it’s going to be a booze up like no other.

Tip of the hat to the Reds

The Reds pulled of another impressive victory this season when they beat the Blues 37-31 in the “Durban of Australia”, Brisbane. Major of tip of the hat to you, Reds squad and Reds coaching team. The Bundie will be flowing copiously in that part of the world. And well deserved!

As Phil Kearns remarked the other day from the Ozzie commentary booth, if you owned a Reds jersey a few years ago you were ashamed of yourself. It wasn’t too long ago the Reds under Eddie Jones were getting their asses handed to them each week by such lowly teams as visting Saffer touring squads. The memory of the 92-3 pounding at the hands of the Bulls in 2007 would scar most franchises into a post-traumatic stress disorder. Hell the Boks still haven’t gotten over the Twickenham bashings they received during the Straeuli era.

Not only are the Reds topping the Ozzie conference, but they are doing it with an impressive attacking style of rugby. They are starting to bring back the old Queensland Red aura when Horan and Little were the centre combination. Ewan Mackenzie has done a great job in backing a young squad, Quade Cooper in particular. It makes you think, if we had a Quade Cooper in South Africa, would he get the backing that has been given to him in Australia?

The look very strong contenders for a home semi-final and given the history of this competition, a home semi is better than gold. Well done Brisbane.