Pierre Spies: If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

Hiya peeps!

Firstly, I just want to express how totally humbled and honoured I am that the super hot guys over at Big Daddy Rugby have asked to me help out with some grooming tips for you, our beautiful readers. I’m soooo stoked!

It was such a bummer to lose to the Aussies on Sunday and their call couldn’t have come at a better time (I was in the middle of an intense pedicure – I know! Totally weird, hey?) I guess the Universe just works in mysterious ways!!

Anyways, it was a total no brainer for me and I said “YES!!! YESSSSSS BIG DADDY, YES!!!” immediately.

A lot of peeps label me as being rather one dimensional and a few folk even say some really nasty things about me like: “He’s a one trick pony”, or “He’s nothing but a fancy boy” and even “I wouldn’t let him near my sister”, so I’m grateful for this opportunity to set the record straight and to show just how much of an exotic creature I actually am!

Soooo, first up let’s deal with a question that I get asked all the time: “Pierre, how do you look so clean and fresh after playing a hard game of rugby?”

LOL!!! Silly Billy’s! It’s the oldest trick in the book, it’s sooo obvious! The key here beautiful readers, is to make yourself look busy, without actually doing anything;) Give off the illusion that you’re involved when in fact mentally you’re a thousand miles away, sipping a strawberry daiquiri under a palm tree wearing your favourite speedo whilst listening to a Michael Bolton box set. Easy peasy.

Mental visualisation really helps during boring old line outs...

Of course a lot depends on your work environment, but don’t fret my petals, set yourself small goals, don’t get flustered and I promise, soon you too will be doing absolutely zip whilst coming across as being an integral part of any team.

It really is that easy. Be brave, be bold, but most importantly…be ME!!!

I guess you’ll all need some time to digest this little nugget of wisdom, so let’s leave it at that for this week my darlings. I certainly don’t want to overwork you 😉

In closing I’d like to leave you with an inspirational quote from the great Shing Xiong, which has had a huge impact on my life: “In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away”! Wow! Isn’t that just amazing?! Lets meditate on that for a moment…Ok, I’m done.

Shhhh! The coach thinks that these things are heavy!

Until next time…missing you already….

Mwah Mwah!