The Mike Tindall scandal continues…

So the  big man with the gravity defying nose has been axed.

That’s axed as in dropped from the squad, and not just pissed out of his friggin mind again.

So toodaloo Mike! Now you’ll have an opportunity to spend some quality time with the new wife, maybe help clean out the stables and get to know the posh side of the family a bit more, or….

Head out on another bender and toss a few dwarves?!

Your call buddy.

No jacket required

The real Mike Tindall scandal

As I’m sure you all know, we here at Big Daddy Rugby pride ourselves on journalistic integrity and only cover stories that we know to be 100% factually true.

We’re more than happy to leave the sensationalism and mud-slinging to the tabloids and to rather just focus on delivering you, our readers, with accurate, informative rugby related articles.

That’s why we’re not doing a piece on how Mike Tindall had a few “sherberts” and then entertained himself with a little bit of harmless dwarf tossing in Queenstown the other night.  We see no point in mentioning that the recently royal wedded English Captain was also spotted deep in “conversation” with a rather fetching, young, busty blonde on that very same night. (And no, it wasn’t Lewis Moody).

We’re really not interested. Our standards are higher than that. Much higher.

Instead we’d like to focus on the state of his nose. Have you seen that conker?! My word! That’s a real “deal breaker” right there. I’m guessing it’ll be “touched up” when his rugby playing days finally come to an end? Surely?

Watch out you Georgians, that thing could do some serious damage out on the field!

Is that a nose on your face or are you just happy to see me?