Jonny Wilkinson hangs up his kicking boots

It’s hard not to like Jonny Wilkinson.

A man more humble than the Dalai Lama, but far better looking and with a precision kicking game that took England to World Cup victory in 2003.

I hate him.

But that’s besides the point, and probably more to do with the fact that I secretely want to be him.

Wilko really was an asset to the sport and played rugby in the true spirit of the game…whatever that means.

He was arguably the best fly-half in the world a few years ago until he got more injuries than Wile E Coyote after a particualry bad run-in with the Road Runner.

Go forth and prosper Jonny! I look forward to getting the autobiography for Xmas and not reading it.

I bet the pictures will be great though.

Like a true gentleman, Jonny always took his shoes off before making love to you with his eyes.