Genius Hugh Bladen Impersonation

So it looks like I’ve missed the boat by quite some margin with this little beauty…but believe me, if you haven’t already seen this gem of a clip it’s most definitely worth the effort of clicking that ol’ left mouse button…

It’s 100% hands down the best Hugh Bladen impersonation I’ve ever seen…(it’s also the only impersonation of Hugh Bladen that I’ve ever seen…but don’t let that stop you…seriously, this is good!)

I probably need to give credit to although that website is no longer “up and running”…but regardless, there it is…

Also, if you’re offended by swearing, have small children near by, play in a worship band, or just generally don’t appreciate the fine art that is NSFW…then maybe it’s best to give this one a miss for now…

Over to Hugh…


Elma Smit ‘Lady Rugga’: A message from the rugby blogosphere

picture from Lady Rugga's twitter account at @elmakapelma

DSTV’s questionable talent contest to find a female rugby presenter has been finalized and the easy on the eye Elma Smit will be traveling to New Zealand to cover the World Cup as DSTV’s “Lady Rugga”. Initially we were against the idea of the competition – it seemed a bit chauvinistic. After all none of the other Supersport presenters would survive a talent show that actually required being liked by viewers…

But you seem like a nice person and you’ve got your own blog going which is a great start, so we thought we’d give you a message of support and advice from the rugby blogging community.

Elma, or should I say Lady Rugga:

Please don’t drop the ball… we want you to succeed. It would be great to have more female representation in a male dominated sports setup. We’d love it if you embarrassed the chauvinists DSTV who simply wanted someone for their looks by showing them that you have a greater level knowledge of the game than Darren Scott and Hugh Bladen.  It’s really not that hard.

You’ve simply actually got to watch the games being discussed and occasionally watch a few replays.  Showing up the foolishness of what passes for analysis on DSTV is best done best done by watching the replay moments before a try is scored and pointing out either a) that Habana was off his wing or b) which player was guilty of the aimless kick down field which set up the counter attack.  If you can do that, you already know more than Hugh Bladen.

Please also avoid falling into often repeated blunders that your fellow Supersport commentators make.  Avoid the use of the following:

  • Referring to a match as a “game of two halves” (please also punch any fellow presenter who tries this)
  • shout-outs to the school that a try scorer graduated from
  • asking a captain who just lost a match if he is disappointed with the result
  • reveal a lack of vocabulory by simply repeating a players name in increasing levels of loudness as he charges towards the line
  • implying that the referee is a biased against the Boks (that’s so 1994)
  • repeating any phrases that Bobby Skinstad uses or his strange pronounciation of “bokke”

Avoid those and you should be well received by true fans everywhere.  There is one thing we’d like to point out though that we are very worried about though…

Hmm... that's a bit disturbing.

Elma’s blog can be found here.

Hugh Bladen *facepalm* from the Sports Billy site

Oh the joys of stumbling through the interwebs aimlessly.  The Sports Billy site has some views on the state of commentary in South Africa. Sports Billy has a knack of telling it like Big Daddy Rugby feels about Hugh Bladen’s commentary.

Here’s the “guide to commentate like Hugh Bladen” from the Sports Billy site.

Prepare hipflask before kickoff. Have a quick ‘tongue loosener’. Oh my, that slid down didn’t it, there’s plenty of time. Gulp. Gulp. Damn hip-flask leaks. Fill it up, then. Do pre-match interview in howling gale with hair blowing more than a Oxford Rd night-walker. Have a little ‘shudderer’ to warm up. Shout ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ when Barman pours you a triple. Rehearse shouting ‘UNBELIEVABLE’, you gonna use it a lot. Repeat player’s name adhoc with increasing urgency when lost for words ala ‘Van der Westhuizen, VAN der Westhuizen, VAN DER WESTHUIZEN.’ Gulp gulp. Stay away from balconies.

The Sports Billy site full article at

It’s best to think of Hugh Bladen as an older, sadder version of Charlie Sheen.