15 reasons to feel positive about the Boks

For those of us who are tired of all the negativity surrounding the Springboks at the moment, I thought I’d put on my limited edition SuperSport presenters shirt and give us fans a list of the positives that can be taken from Saturdays game.

I’ll approach this from a player level and hopefully show that it’s not all doom and gloom for the Boks at the World Cup just yet.

– 15 France Steyn – (see what I did there?) Sporting his fabulous new avant-garde cinema nouveau look, we’re at least guaranteed not to be the ugliest team in the competition. It’s edgy and mysterious and I like it! Fingers crossed Dick pulls him aside and mentions the “weight” issue though. Fattie and Arty may rhyme but that doesn’t mean it’s a good combo looks-wise for a Springbok.

– 14 JP – I’m pretty sure he played. In my Corenza C / Black Label induced haze I remember him being pinged for holding on, but other than that he was a ghost. If you’re not involved it’s hard to be penalised right? Good thinking by the coaching staff…next up the “stealth try!”

– 13 Jaque – Looked like he was actually trying. Good use of hand signals and shouting instructions at team mates. Attempted the “Element of Surprise” move fairly well by running from his own in-goal area in the first half, which almost had Dick choking on his boerie roll.

– 12 JDV – Great display of passion when singing the National Anthem. He’s also taller than Pat McCabe.

– 11 Habana – Good tackle on the little Aussie number 9 in the 2nd half. Also managed to break one himself in the first 40, something he hasn’t done in the last 8 tests. Looks better with a little stubble too. It almost makes the opposition take him seriously.

– 10 Butch – Only missed one kick AND managed not to get a yellow card. Bonus! Also managed to keep things predictably simple for his fellow back line players by doing pretty much the same thing whenever he got the ball.

– 9  FdP – Picked up from where he left off by being more interested in talking to the ref than actually playing the game. Continued in conversation with Bryce on Twitter afterwards too. All part of the bigger picture and the Boks “Ref Management” strategy for the World Cup.

-8  Spies – Was an animal out there! A medium-sized domesticated animal sure, but still! Had a couple of good runs whilst we had a scrum. Get ready for those energy drink ads again.

– 7  Danie – Helped a lot of the guys carry their kit bags from the bus to the changing rooms. No one does donkey work quite like our Danie.

– 6  Heinrich – Made a turnover, didn’t get injured and scared the crap out of the Aussies with his best Tasmanian Devil impression.

– 5  Big Vic – Clearly all the hard work done on his kicking has paid off! Slotted into the backline seamlessly. Also managed to sound marginally better than Stransky in the post match interview.

– 4  Bakkies – Didn’t get carded or cited after the game. Responded to being spear tackled early on with great restraint and only the use of his elbow.

– 3  The Good Doctor – Looked WAAAAY better than John at prop when he came back on late in the 2nd half. And people say he can’t really scrum?! Kept Bryce guessing as to who was going to ground first in the early engagements. Job done.

– 2  Gaddafi – Smit – line-out throwing was good. selflessly allowed the team to almost get going again by going off injured towards the end of the game.

– 1   The Beast – Kept the crowd interested, made a few tackles, made a few runs, looked the best in the new BMW shorts.

Add to that the fact that we “only lost on the scoreboard” and, well, we’re surely on the right track folks. Glory is just around the corner.

A glimpse into the future: John Smit at the 2015 World Cup

Francois Steyn: the ‘Existentialist” interview

Many South Africans may be wondering what happened to Francois Steyn since he left Durban to head for France to ply his trade with Racing Metro.  Big Daddy Rugby caught up with Francois Steyn outside a Paris theatre and managed to get in a quick Q & A with one of the heroes of the 2007 world cup campaign. Our impression?  Paris has done wonders for his maturity.

Francois Steyn "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."

Big Daddy Rugby (BDR): Francois, first of all thank you for taking the time to chat to one of the blogosphere. We appreciate you showing faith in our fledgling website.  So how different is the style of  rugby in France from what you experienced playing with the Sharks back in South Africa?

Francois Steyn (FS): Very different. At my first training session, the coach gathered us all together and presented a brief summary of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Using that as a starting point, he unpicked all of the closely held beliefs I had clung to as boy growing up. We moved quickly through logical positivism before one of the members the front row shouted him down when coach rejected the idea that nihilism was not a coherent world view.

BDR: Err… right. So how do you spend your time in Paris now that you are away from old friends and family?

FS: Well, when I first arrived in Paris I focussed exclusively on my kicking as I wanted to establish myself as a first choice flyhalf. But I was soon drawn in by the bright lights of Paris, and become involved with parts of the Paris nightlife one doesn’t usually write about in newspapers.

BDR: You mean the night club scene?

FS: No, I got in with a group of street thinkers who introduced me to existentialism.  I can’t wait to share the ideas of Camus and Sartre with Keegan and the boys back in the Shark Tank.

BDR: How has your game changed since you moved up north? Do you still try those outrageous drop goals from inside your own half?

FS: You see Big Daddy, I realised that as a flyhalf I am condemned to be free.  As existence precedes essence I am thus fully responsible for my actions as a free individuals facing the void of eternity. We are all left alone, without excuse. There is no exit.

BDR: What’s it like playing at Stade Yves-du-Manoir?  Is the vibe similar to Durbs?

FS: What is happiness except the simple harmony between a backline player and the life he leads?  It is the void, the void is me.

BDR: How do you prepare for a match?

FS: By reminding myself that the concepts of authenticity and individuality have to be earned not learned. I try to experience death consciousness so as to wake up as to what is really important – namely the authentic in my life. Thus my pre-match preparation consists of contemplating the abyss in the changing room before I put on my jersey.

BDR: I was going to ask you how you celebrate your win, but I am not sure that I should.

FS: (blows smoke in my face)

BDR: Do you miss playing in South Africa?

FS: As Camus would say: Beauty is unbearable, it drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.

BDR: Well. I can see where this is going Francois.  Good luck with the rest of your time at Racing Metro, we hope to see you back in the green and gold soon.

FS: (exits left, hops on his moped and careers recklessly into oncoming traffic)