Danny Care makes it a hat-trick

Danny ‘Devil may care’ Care recently completed a remarkable hat-trick….of arrests!

The England and Harlequins scrum-half, who was dropped from the 6 Nations squad earlier this year for being pissed behind the wheel, was arrested in Leeds over the weekend  – this time for being caught pissing outside a hotel in the city centre.

Apparently Care was on his way home from a night out on the town when he was forced to ask the driver of the taxi he was in to pull over so that he could ‘release the Kraken’.

Care was later released with a caution (that he should wash his hands in future) and in a statement made after the incident said:

“I understand the link that will be made to previous offences but, as with my fine in December, the issue is more one of a small bladder than excessive drinking.”

So Danny’s the victim here people…overactive bladder syndrome’s no laughing matter, unless your Ben Youngs or Lee Dickson that is, in which case your laughing all the way into the No. 9 jersey!

Danny Care

Danny Care gets used to his new position in the England squad...as a spectator.