Sonny Bill Williams – the fix is in!

Well, our Kiwi friends across the Indian Ocean have been making a big deal out of how Sunny Bill Williams is a really a boxer too – but it turns out they weren’t being completely honest.  I may be the only person in the world who bothered to check up on just exactly who SBW was fighting and I found some interesting YouTube footage. I’m not sure it counts if your opponents are set up for you the way they seem to have been for Sonny Bill.   Check out the footage below from his first professional fight against “Jabba the Hutt” Ryan Hogan.


Hmm… not exactly impressive stuff is it?  It seems to me that Sonny Bill Williams’ boxing matches might just be the biggest stitch ups the world has seen since Hulk Hogan “defeated” Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III.   Oy vey…

Sonny Bill Williams' next opponent hard at work making sure SBW's hard man reputation stays intact.