Chiliboy and Bjorn get the cover up treatment

So anyone else feel slightly dirty about the way Chiliboy Ralepelle and Bjorn Basson got off for testing positive for a banned substance without any further punishment?

Yes, I know all the arguments that have been put forth by SARFU, Bulls management and various media spokespersons. I am not really interested in listening to the whingeing that is streaming from all of these sources. It doesn’t change the fact that the players and management are supposed to be professionals, and therefore should be held to a higher standard. In this era, players can’t really play the Shane Warne “my mom gave me vitamins” excuse any more can they?

If players aren’t watching what “supplements” get taken, then surely the team management and the nutritionists need to get taken to task for allowing players free reign to take whatever supplements are being recommended to them? What if our primary goal kicker decides he needs to top up his red bulls during the World Cup and after a drug test leaves us headed into a crucial game without a key player?

Besides, this seriously inhibits my ability to feel morally superior as a Bok fan after years of watching the Wallaby team struggle with their drug testing woes. We’re just as corrupt as the others.

Mind you, I think I lost all my sporting innocence after Hansiegate. The inner child in me never quite got over that one.