Places to catch the Game #2: The Elands Bay Hotel

The One & Only

Location: Elands Bay (north of the train tracks – if you get to Lamberts Bay you know you’ve gone too far)
Locals: A mishmash of Swartland potato farmers, salty sea dog surfers, and crayfish poachers on the run from the law.
Tackling the bar: No “Bakkie Botha cleanouts” required

Eye's front

1. Warm beds are available upstairs if post match celebrations push past the curfew
2. The patch of lawn out the back – you can ditch the family to get on with the weekly ritual of male bonding over a few cold ones and cussing the Aussie ref.

Beer Garden view

3. The ocean themed painted walls (with mermaids!) fits nicely with the super rugby franchise clocks.
4. Ample supply of Rooidop.

west coast vino

5. Dog friendly

1. You’ll miss the early morning surf
2. There’s too much Rooidop – and many strafdops
3. That random 40-something male and his best friend, the ridgeback.
4. Seating at the big screen is a rare commodity
5. No offers of illegally procured crays were forthcoming.

There's No Piano Inside

BDR Rating: A Jannie de Beer five of the best!


Places to Catch the Big Game #1: The Sea View Sports Bar

This is Number 1 in a new thread which BDR has launched.

Yes, if you must know, there was an exclusive launch party at Trinity nightclub with special guests; including the fembots found on the back page of the Sunday Times, and Varsity Club rugby starlets, with the recently pepper sprayed LochNVille on the decks.

The basic format of the thread is to review the unique watering holes dotted around the country, where rugby fans congregate at the altar every Saturday to receive their weekly communion of “But on the other hand Darren” and “Chester, Chester, Chester Williams goes over for his fourth try”

Let us dive into the first gem:

Name: The Sea View Sports Bar
Location: Gansbaai, down the one way
Locals: Stern
Tackling the Bar: No rucking to the front of the queue required to order beers


• Pro’s
1. Ample supply of pool tables if the big game turns into a game of kicking chess
2. Personally tailored pool cue storage facilities
3. Wallet friendly beer prices
4. Eco friendly air-conditioning

• Con’s
1. Electrical wiring of the tv’s resembles the ‘off the grid system’ patented in South America
2. The abalone growing on the bar tables – it is perlemoen country after all!
3. Keep your friends close (and your engine running) if you rub the aforementioned stern locals the wrong way
4. There is no sea view?

Gok Wan Special Mention:
The super sized early 90’s rugby trump cards add a nice decor touch to soften the hard edge look created with the beer posters plastered everywhere.

Past Heroes on Display