Welcome to Big Daddy Rugby – a rugby blog for uninformed rugby views. If you are looking for pub level conversation from the comfort of your office desk or mobile phone, then this is the site for you.

We launched  to take our minds off of work, off of the fact that all our mates have emigrated and off of the fact that Heinrich Brussouw will probably never get selected for the Boks again. We hope you find that this site fills the space left open by the professional news sources – in other words that it sinks to a dangerously juvenile level.

The opinions here will be unprofessional, unenlightened and very biased. If you are offended by the site, remember it is a humour site. The content is made up and is not intended to be factual.  This site is satire.

There is only one rule about commenting:  racism will not be tolerated. If you’d like to have that sort of a discussion, Doc Brown and his DeLorean are waiting for you outside – there’s a pub in 1985 that needs your patronage. There are other blogs that will accommodate you.

If you believe that an image or other work has been used outside of its original terms of use please contact us using the contact form below to request it to be removed.

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