End of the road for Dr Jannie

Jannie du Plessis hasn’t retired yet, but he has left quite a legacy in SA rugby. His front row partnership with Bismarck is one of the great Springbok sibling contributions.

But it isn’t just his caps, he has pioneered the “slap chips grease” hairdo, giving valuable fashion tips to Bok newcomers, introduced Jean de Villiers to the music of Joseph Arthur and of course provided valuable emotional advice to readers on this site.

But sadly seeing the Argentinian props Ayerza and Herrera bossing the Bok front row raises the question “is it game over for Dr Jannie?”.

They didn’t just out scrum the Boks or just “win” the contest. It was like watching 1990s Mike Tyson on steroids taking out his anger on a 12 year old.

Far be it from me to judge. After all, as a schoolboy I remember being forced into playing hooker for a team down to 13 against Paarl Gym. Hell, I went backwards a mile a minute. I am not ashamed to admit it. But the difference is I wasn’t wear a Bok jersey at the time.

That was ugly. And not something deserving of wearing the green and gold.

Smokey the Bowler

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