Ben Foden’s hair to be placed on New Year’s honours list

If England takes nothing else from Saturday’s defeat against the All Blacks, they can rest assured that they had better hair on the day.

One player in particular stood head and shoulders above the rest with a stirringly impressive display of follicle bravado ….Ben ‘Braveheart’ Foden.

Not only was his celebration of a disallowed try executed with commendable gusto, but he somehow managed to finish the match with zero, yes that’s right, ZERO split-ends!

We applaud you sir!

And I don’t use the title ‘sir’ lightly….as there’s talk about town that Ben’s hair is to be placed on the New Year’s honours list for services to humanity at large (but mostly the ladies).

Drink it in ladies and gents.

Drink it in ladies and gents.


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