The Steve Walsh diaries – Pt 2: Respect my authoritah!!

Steve Walsh

‘He who controls himself, controls the game’….the tat says it all really.

21 March 2013

Dear diary,

I seem to be appearing in the press quite a bit recently. Normally I quite like that. Wait, who am I kidding…I friggin love it! But this time it’s my reffing and not my sexuality that’s being questioned, and I just won’t stand for that shit.

I’m probably the best flippin ref in the world today. At the very least it’s a tie with that Saffa with the weird name, but he’ll probably be tried for attempted murder or robbery by the end of the year leaving me top dog again.

It’s bloody ridiculous thinking I favoured the red team on Saturday. I don’t even know who they were. I didn’t penalise the guys in white any more than necessary. Except the scrum-half ┬áBen Youngs. His hair was just plain silly – he’s lucky I didn’t send him straight to the bin. I can’t stand people who don’t take care of themselves, it’s just bloody selfish if you ask me.

So it looks like I’m gonna have to defend myself against the IRB, whoever the hell they are! Maybe there’ll be some good looking girls on the panel.

That would be nice.

'What would Cartman do?' - the philosophy on which Walsh bases most of his reffing decisions.

‘What would Cartman do?’ – the philosophy on which Walsh bases most of his reffing decisions.


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