Revenge is a dish best served cold…and washed down with Guinness

Everybody knows the Irish like nothing more than beating the English, which is exactly what they’ll be hoping to do this Sunday.

It doesn’t matter how, when, at what, or with what….as long as a pasty English backside is at the receiving end of a good old whipping –  Irish eyes will be smiling.

The only thing is…their a bit rubbish at it.

Ireland have only won 46 of the 126 rugby matches played against the poms. Fact.

Though that really isn’t all that bad when you consider the following:

  • England has roughly 2.5 million registered rugby players. Ireland has 150,000 (2011 figures)
  • The least a top-flight English professional player can expect to make in a year is 152,000 Euros. In Ireland its 85,000.
  • Ireland is ranked 4th in the world rankings for most beer consumed per person (104 litres pp per year – 2010)

Okay…I know that last one is not all that relevant, but you’ve got to wonder where they get the time to do anything other than imbibing the black stuff.

But all of this is besides the point.

If the Irish were to beat the English all the time, then the odd victory here and there wouldn’t have quite the same drama, the same David vs Goliath tension.

AND…there just wouldn’t be that same great feeling you get when Daniel-san ‘crane kicks’ the shit out of Johnny at the end of Karate Kid!

Karate Kid

Daniel-san doing that kick.


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