Scotland’s blueprint to take on the All Blacks leaked to the press

Scotland’s coach Andy Robinson is reportedly furious after his coaching blueprint to take on the heavily favoured world champion All Blacks was leaked  to the press this week after one of the players left a copy in a nightclub after a bender.

Here is what Scotland are planning to do to counter NZ this weekend:

  • Braveheart marathon on Friday night (yeah!)
  • Morning of the game: squad listens to Metallica’s Master of Puppets album
  • Energy bars and espressos for everyone
  • First twenty minutes of the game: “take ’em on up front!” (coach’s words)
  • Rest of the game: … (we have nothing.  Impovise potentially?)

Andy is not pleased.  Now NZ know how to prepare for Scotland.

Damnit! They stole my ideas!

Smokey the Bowler

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