Is Victor Matfield Supersport’s worst commentator?

Supersport’s worst commentator?   Sheez… that’s like trying to call out who exactly is the most despicable human being in a line up of serial killers.  Nothing good can come from it.

What is it with South Africans and their ridiculous obsession with concluding that because someone was a good player they automatically must be a good commentator or even worse a good coach (think of Stransky landing the lifetime tenure gig on Supersport due to one drop goal, or Carel du Plessis being given the Bok coaching)?  Come on, guys, really?  We’re not in Standard 5 any more.  You don’t give the captaincy to the guy who can kick the ball the furthest and you certainly don’t give a commentary gig to someone who can barely string a sentence together just because he was a great lineout jumper.

I know…. I know… Matfield is supposedly untouchable.  He was a god of the lineouts, a warrior poet and capable of mesmerising an Aussie line out jumper simply by winking at him.   But this is too much, he is awful.  I can literally feel the rand dollar exchange rate sliding whenever Matfield opens his mouth.  He might have all the looks you’d want out of someone as your token Nordic god – but put him in a Supersport jacket, hand him a microphone and all of sudden he is transformed into a troll who has drunk too much Windhoek.

Let me guess Victor, the Bulls lost because they "didn't want it enough"?

Ok, and for those who think I am someone back tracking about Carel du Plessis, I know I’ve gone on record before as having thought Carel was an underrated Bok coach.   That’s besides the point.  You don’t make someone a national coach if they haven’t coached at provincial or Super Rugby level, no matter how sexy their sidestep was back in the 80s.

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