NZ captain blames God for Hong Kong Sevens defeat

Kiwi captain DJ Forbes blamed God for a crucial knock on that led to Fiji taking the Hong Kong title.

New Zealand Sevens captain DJ Forbes has previously gone on record as thanking God for his teams’ victories in the sevens tournament.  So it came as quite a surprise (although it must be pointed out, theologically consistent) when he turned on his maker and blamed God for the Kiwi’s 35-28 loss in the Hong Kong Sevens final to Fiji.

For a player who believed at the start of the season that “God was on their side” things certainly have changed since pre-season.

After the loss during his interview, when he is customarily heard to be thanking God for allowing his rugby team to win the encounter he revealed that with ten minutes to go all was going according to plan.   They needed an important break down the blind side however God suddenly intervened on the side of the Fijians, causing DJ Forbes to inexplicably (for those of a non-religious mindset anyway) knock on.   From there on out, the Kiwi’s pact with the Almighty just seemed to be “off”.  Missed kicks, stray passes and knock ons simply had to be attributed to divine intervention.   There was no other explanation, after all.

After witnessing his post match speech blinding  the Bulls have hired a local pastor  to look into their disastrous 2002 season in attempt to clear Heyneke Meyer’s reputation.

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  1. I’m guessing he blames the El Nino effect for his male pattern baldness?

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