Wales are the champs – break out the Tom Jones!

Congrats to Wales.  With a comfortable 16-9 put down of France at Cardiff, they’ve taken the 6 Nations title and done it with a grand slam.  So while fans everywhere can bust out some Tom Jones and celebrate the Welsh coaching staff will have to get used to life without the underdog title.

As genuine northern hemisphere silverware owners, the Welsh now have a target on them.  Break out the sherbets for sure, but the southern hemisphere will now be gunning for them.

While it has been nauseating to read in the English press about losing to a “special generation” of players, a strong Welsh team really opens up the interest in that tournament.  It’s a far cry from the days of early Wilkinson when “Le Crunch” determined who would be the 6 Nations champion, or more specifically whether Le Crunch was played in England or France.

It was a pity to see Ireland get completely annihilated at scrum time against England, were it not for that pitiable forward pack you could say that four of the six nations would fancy themselves as realistic title contenders.  But for now, Wales have put on the crown and will be the new team to beat.   They’ve got three tantalising tests against Australia in June.  That’s going to be cracking.

Here’s to you Wales – worthy 6N champs.  Here’s hoping you send a full strength team to Oz this year.

Here's looking at you big guy!

Smokey the Bowler

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