Jake White unavailable to coach England, also unavailable to date Victoria Secret supermodels

Jake White announced this week that he definitely won’t be able to coach England this year due to his commitments with the Brumbies.  Umm…  that’s interesting, Jake.  Was anyone actually asking?  Or were you just worried that your name hadn’t been on Keo’s website in a few weeks?

So, he hasn’t been interviewed, the role hasn’t been formally offered, he’s not an official  candidate, but he’s “unavailable” for it?    Geez, dude.  A quiet word to the any agent from the English Rugby Union might have been enough, why did you have to make it a “Jake White in the news issue”?

In related news, Jake also announced that he is definitely unavailable to date Heidi Klum or any of the  other Victoria Secret Angels.  He is definitely, positively, unavailable to take any of them out on a date, at the very least for the next twelve months due to “current commitments”.

Delusions of grandeur much, Jake?

Errm... Jake is definitely not able to date any of these models. At least not this season...

Oh and p.s.  none of the editorial team on Big Daddy Rugby are available to coach either.  Carlos, Silas and Smokey will not be able to take over the role due to current blogging commitments.

p.p.s. You’re a World Cup winning coach.  You won’t be forgotten, you can still get a round on anyone at Forries when you walk in.

Smokey the Bowler

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