Scotland score try at Murrayfield…eyewitnesses continue to come forward

At least five eyewitnesses have come forward to confirm the sighting of a Scotland try at Murrayfield on Sunday.

The try was said to occur in the team’s narrow loss to the French during the recent 6 Nations clash, with some even claiming that there were up to two tries – though these reports are yet to be verified.

Spectator Alan McDougall, an honest straight-talking lawyer from Glasgow, said:

“I seen it with my own two eyes! I had just returned to my seat with an unobstructed view, having spent a mere five minutes buying inexpensive chilled beers from the conveniently located food and beverage kiosk, when I saw Hogg levitate over the line for the first try.

The second one came shortly after a clearly audible announcement over the ground’s Tannoy system that the next round of drinks were on the house courtesy of sponsors RBS – who wanted to give something back to ‘the people’.”

Stuart Hogg was seen to levitate over the line for Scotland's first try since the Jacobite rebellion.



  1. I know you think saw that. But there is just no way. The same guy who told me about Yeti and a pill that you can put in your fuel tank that gets you extra fuel efficiency also tried telling me that Scotland scored a try. No way, Carlos, no way. Get your prescription spectacles checked out.

  2. You’re right….I reckon it’s all a hoax fabricated by the same guys behind the ’69 lunar landing!!!

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