The Bulls Pink Jersey – another fashion nightmare in Pretoria

When I first saw the Bulls new pink away strip, after choking back the nausea, I had a moment’s thought.  Well… at least it is for a worthy cause.  I guess the Bulls must be following the lead of university rugby clubs like UCT and making a stand against violence against women and are donning pink for the cause.  Or perhaps they’ve had a touch of the JP Duminy and would like to draw the attention of the Loftus faithful to the advantages of early screening in detecting breast cancer.  Hell, maybe they’ve gone all out and would like the rugby world to stop being such a homophobic place.  I had visions of Wynand Olivier, donning pink and going on Supersport challenging the conventions of most of the Darren Scott brigade.   But… the truth of the matter is, that the Blue Bulls rugby union are wearing this ghastly pink monstrosity to serve the cause of their sponsors Puma.  Puma had some vague mention about pink jacarandas, but the pinkness is about getting people to talk about Puma.  The concept behind the new strip was apparently “Bull in a china shop”.  I can just picture the stupid f^%k at some ad house in Cape Town who came up with this one.

Bull in a china shop?  More like 7 year old eats too many strawberry energy bars and throws up over himself.

Do the suits at Loftus not know that SA is in the midst of a fashion crisis? Not only are Croc sandles all over the suburbs, but worse, Die Antwoord are making a name for themselves in the United States and Americans are looking at those mullets and wondering just how representative Die Antwoord are of the general SA population.  Can I just remind SA rugby, that English football has David Beckham?  David Beckham for pete’s sake.  This guy models Calvin Klein underwear.  What do we have?  We have Jacques Kallis selling anti-dandruff shampoo on tv.  *sigh*

So, in the spirit of accepting our new-found status as pole-cats of the fashion world, the away strip jerseys of the other SA franchises will be revealed as:

  • Cheetahs – puke yellow, inspired by an Ollie le Roux night-out in Bloemfontein
  • Lions – A “fake gunshot spray” of red splattering over white, a tribute to all the fallen car highjack victims Ellis Park has accounted for over the years
  • Stormers – As an ode to glory gone by, the Stormers rugby union will be getting an x-ray of Bobby Skinstads knee the night after his traffic accident blown up and put on their shirts.
  • Sharks – let’s just be honest, the only reason anyone cares about the Sharks is those Sharks girls.  So just put the damn cheerleaders on your shirt and be done with it.  Also, change your franchise name to “the one with the hot cheerleaders”.

You can just hear the laughter coming from the French rugby supporters.  How can I show my face at Pastis again?

Smokey the Bowler


  1. That shirt will work quite nicely with Hougaards purple boots…

  2. Hahaha i use to be a blue bull supporter – sorry but i won’t support a pink cow team haha with daisies come on man what the f**

  3. I read the inspiration for the shirt was the Jacaranda bloom, hence the purple thunderbolts “Jacaranda purple”, “Very Berry” and “Fuchsia Rose”… It is still a k@* shirt no matter how you look at it and no matter what the inspiration is/was.

  4. Herman, since I grew up a Stormers fan sipping Chenin Blanc on the slopes of Constantiaberg wine estates my Afrikaans is not that good. So I am going to assume that was a very kind compliment you just paid me, and that you too are a huge Stormers fan. Are your favorite players Joe Pietersen and Bryan Habana too?

  5. The old faithful are squirming in their seats watching this stuff I am sure. Heck, at least they’re winning. Can you imagine how it would feel to lose to the Rebels while you’re wearing pink?

  6. Wow, Big daddy, you sir / ma’m / Moron are obviously gay and only reached std 4 coz you cribbed off of Malema’s paper.

    Seriously, You and this little band of “after church service litle gathering by the creek” people need help. non of you barring the one or two bulls supporters on here know EF_ALL about rugby. You go on about a “fashion statements” and bloody info commercials but you seem to have forgotten that the sport being played is RUGBY, not the runway walk, RUGBY. No matter what colour a team wears they al still play rugby and the last time I checked the Bulls have the most respected record in SA over the last few decades. You should rather voice your anal-retentive thought s on places like the View where someone might listen to your crap. You sir / ma’am / moron, are a tur dingbat ad deserve to be punched in the face repeatedly with your own fist.

  7. A year late, very uniformed and most likely incorrect about my opion on this topic, but I reckon it’s probably just the government slowly erasing everything we once held dear… Pink can be an seen as an opposite to blue, and ever since 1994, the current determinators of our once-strong-turned-mediocre nation have made many such about turns in policy, idealogy, economics etc… Just like with the flags of our fore fathers outside the Castle of Good Hope, they are so eager to do away with any oppressive vestiges of the past, they forget that we also have a history and culture and If it was not for us, none of this, and none of what they have now, would be here….
    Just a thought….

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