6 Nations going according to plan….except for that frozen pitch farce!

So just when you thought that everything was going according to plan in the 6 Nations (yes…the Italians did nearly beat the English, but their fullback soon took care of that with a shocker of a clearance kick that even Hodgson couldn’t botch), the French decide to pull the rug from under everyone’s feet by converting the Stade de France into the worlds biggest open-air ice rink.

The caretaker preps the Stade de France pitch for the big game.

I totally respect the decision to cancel a match when the safety of the players is at risk, but to do it 2 minutes prior to kick-off while the brass band is still playing and 80,000 expectant fans, who have travelled and patiently waited in frost-bitten conditions, are on the verge of still having a reason to live – is another thing.
Apparently most of the crowd refused to budge, whether this was in fact because they were actually frozen to the spot is a distinct possibility, until the French captain Thierry Dusautoir came out and told them to bugger-off home over the PA system….and don’t forgot to take your litter with you – ungrateful plebs!
Thanks Thierry!
I’m mildly irritated because I’d just opened a perfectly chilled lager and fluffed-up my favourite tv-watching pillow for the occassion…AND this was in the comfort of my own  centrally-heated home. God knows how pissed (in both senses of the word) the travelling Irish fans must’ve been!
So the upshot is they have rescheduled the match for early March, by which stage they hope the glacier will have retreated from Northern France. I reckon my lager’s going to be flat by then…Hmph!

This Irish supporter couldn't even be arsed to request a refund.


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