Shane Williams…what a way to go!

Shane you beauty!

Scoring a cracker of a try in injury time in your last ever game for Wales….nice!

If the post-match interview with twinkle-toed Shane fighting back the tears while holding his hobbit-like offspring didn’t move you – either you’re a cynical fool without a heart or you have no tear ducts.

An emotional farewell from Shane Williams




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  1. I had expected to start typing the “I’m the cynical bastard exception” before watching the clip. Upon actually watching it, I have to confess to have feeling my icy heart melt. That’s what is all about isn’t it?

    Playing rugby in the folk’s back garden, dreaming of putting on your country’s jersey, jumpers for goal posts, your first vicious eye-gouge on an 11-year old followed by a raking… *sigh* it takes me back.

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