Leaked report reveals English players greed

A leaked RFU document has brought England’s woe-ridden rugby World-Cup campaign into the spotlight once more.

Just a week after Martin Johnson stepped-down as the Big Dog in charge, a shock report has now revealed that the England players were more focused on money than rugby during the tournament.

Whereas it was previously thought that the team was playing according to the code of The Order of Knights Templar, championing such noble ideals as chivalry and the protection of freedom and liberty – it turns out they were just in it for the cash.

Anonymous interviews with players revealed further shock revelations. For instance, during coaching sessions certain players reportedly refused to chase the ball unless it was painted gold and had a pound sign on it. Prop Matt Stevens was also made to dress-up as the ‘tax man’ in an attempt to encourage more ferocious tackling from the greed riddled players.

Senior players are said to have disputed the amount of money they were being paid on the eve of the tournament, with one squad member demanding  ‘at least 5 times as much as that cock Richie McCaw’.

Pay to play


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  1. Sheeshh… they should really be more professional and follow the example of the English cricket team. If I remember correctly their behavior during the Caribbean world cup was impeccable. Freddy Flintoff only fell in the pool a few times from drinking too many sherbets and partying too hard. Not like these rugby amateurs…

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