Rugby World Cup 2011 Drinking Game

It’s that time of the tournament when the stories are running thin and BDR turns to cheap gimmicks to keep our immense traffic volumes up.  In the spirit of commercialism and with no tip of the hat to our own journalistic integrity we present the World Cup Rugby Drinking Game 2011 edition:

The rules are very simple: Take a sip every time one of the common ‘take a sip” events happens in the game, take a chug when one of the unlikely “chug” actions occurs.   Keep yourself armed at all times with a six-pack of beer, some hard tack and a few pink drinks.  Girls, guys and people of all persuasions are welcome.

  • Take a sip if the one of the Pacific Island teams (Tonga, Fiji, Samoa) hits an opposition player, late, high and without the ball
  • Chug if the aforementioned late hit is actually criticised by a New Zealand commentator as foul play.
  • Sip every time you think it is possible, that this time – just this once, one of the minnows is actually going to beat one of the fancied team.
  • Chug if you called it on Superbru.
  • Sip every time a Bok player mentions Jesus in a post match interview.
  • Chug if the same player doesn’t have a track record of being one of the dirtiest players in the game.
  • Take a sip if you switch to Xhosa commentary because you’re afraid of hearing Bobby Skinstad mispronounce the word “Bok”.  It’s only three letters Bobby… how can you get it wrong?
  • Take a sip every time you’re confused as to whether the Supersport “kick-off time” refers to the actual kick off time or the time that the pre-match drivel begins in studio.
  • Sip for the closeup of the hottie in the stands.
  • Chug if her boyfriend/husband isn’t as ugly as a lorry.
  • Sip if you are more concerned with what is being said on Twitter about the game than the game itself.
  • Take a sip every time Bryce Lawrence overlooks a ruck infringement.
  • Chug if Richie McCaw is pinged for hands in the ruck.
  • Sip if a prop forward is passed the ball at first receiver and ignores the three man overlap on his outside by clattering straight back into the ruck.
  • Sip if the highlight of your Saturday consisted of watching Currie Cup rugby after the big match and convincing yourself that the future of SA rugby is golden, if only they’d get selection right – and the coach of course.
  • Take a sip each time one of the Supersport studio guests’ insight into the game consists of discussing “who wants it the most”.
  • Take a sip if you saw too much of the moon when the Maori blew that trumpet thingy before kick-off.
  • Sip every time you see an offensive sign or banner “disguised” by being written in Afrikaans.
  • Sip if Quade Cooper flubs a kick at goal, chip, up and under or reverse pass.
  • Chug if Jannie Du Plessis somehow doesn’t have gel in his hair.
  • Sip if Habana is introduced as being “due for a return to form”.
  • Sip if you consider changing your hairstyle or growing facial hair after the pre-match close-ups of the French backline.
  • Sip every time an Argentinian shrugs off an injury by simply pouring water on it and hobbling back to the next ruck.
  • Sip if a politician suddenly makes an appearance as a “true fan” just as his or her team makes the World Cup final.
  • Sip every time the French players rebel against their coach.
  • Sip if an England player sexually harasses a local or throws a dwarf.
  • Chug if you find yourself agreeing with Peter de Villiers.

Smokey the Bowler

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