Scotland’s two reactions to losing to England

For a brief and glorious 77 minutes it looked like Scotland might just have a day sweeter than winning the World Cup itself.  For 77 minutes it looked as though Scotland, in one swoop, were going to beat England, knock them out of the World Cup and do all of this with a coach that had been recently sacked by the English rugby union.  All of this was theirs, waiting on the table until Ashton scored in the 77th minute.  There were two reactions in Scotland at that moment.

Reaction A:

A Scottish aristocrat reacts violently to the sight of Ashton heading for the line.

or… you could just have the more traditional Scottish mindset, summed up by this text message I received from a Scottish fan during the game:

Reaction B:

“Don’t get your hopes up. I’m waiting for that traditional Scottish bad luck to show up.”

God bless ’em.

Smokey the Bowler

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