Zinzan Brooke: “Them’s fighting words!”

Zinzan – you’ll always be a legend in South Africa because of your audacious drop-goal, but I’m not sure how to intepret this Twitter bio:

Zinzan proving that real New Zealander's can be knobs too - not just the supporters at Newlands.

Is this tribute to the greatness of the Bok team in that “we only hate players and teams who are truly epic” vibe, or are you still gutted that the closest your nation has gotten to the Webb Ellis trophy since 1987 is the day when you watched Francois Pienaar carrying it past you in the tunnel at Ellis Park?

It must sting just a little knowing that had you scored one more point on that fateful day you might have had Clint Eastwood making a moving about you starring Matt Damon.

Geez dude… it was one drop goal, even Joel Stransky doesn’t go on about his that much. ┬áSeriously, get a life.

Smokey the Bowler

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