I’m sorry I’ve got nothing – except contempt for SANZAR

Screw you SANZAR… Tomorrow the Boks play the All Blacks – which in rugby terms is supposed to be the pinnacle of rugby viewing. For lovers of test match rugby this is supposed to be the kind of event that you miss weddings for, that you feel entitled to be outraged whenever someone suggest there’s something besides… this is supposed to be the holy grail of sport.

As a little boy, I remember waking up at 3.30 am with my dad, getting the skottle going and braving the freezing cold of the lounge in midwinter to watch Jouba “the Rolls Royce” taking on Jonah Lomu and company.  I remember my blood boiling at the sight of the haka, wanting to break through the screen and take on those All Blacks myself.  And now…?   Now I’ve got nothing…

You’ve overplayed this hand SANZAR.  It is a World Cup year… you’ve expanded the Super Rugby tournament, left not even a break between the Super 15 and Tri-Nations or a break between the World Cup and the Tri-Nations.  None of these games matter.  None of them!  Only the World Cup matters… and you’ve cheapened the greatest rugby rivalry in the world into a format for teams “to try out combinations”.

This is not how it was supposed to be.  I feel used… cheap… betrayed.  I feel like I’ve been jilted at the altar and traded in true love for an overpriced lapdance with the cheapest stripper at Teazers.

Screw you SANZAR for making me not give a s$%t about an All Black – Springbok test match.

So instead of a Bok-All Black preview, here’s your internet meme of the day:

Success kid... it's all I've got.


Smokey the Bowler

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