Big Daddy Rugby on Let’s Talk Sport


Big Daddy Rugby officially entered D-List internet celebrity status with our appearance and shameless punting insightful contributions on the “Let’s Talk Sport” Network.  Thanks to Chris, Brenden and Brendon for the invitation.

So at what point can we consider the video a viral success?  9 views on YouTube?  I’d say that’s pretty universally accepted as the “this video has gone completely mental” mark, don’t you?  Rebecca Black, we’re closing in…

On a side note that I was filling the shoes of the previous week’s guest: Jan a.k.a. ‘Player 23 from Vodacom’.  Let’s hope that no-one ever clicks on this link and notices the send up we did of him [Editor’s note: Err… Smokey, can you please take down this paragraph? I’m still planning on getting a sponsorship deal out of all of this].

The Let’s Talk Sport site is available here.  It’s good to see someone trying to provide an alternative to the lame drivel we get dished up week in and week out by DSTV.  It’s shameful to think an entire country is getting its rugby views from Bobby Skinstad, isn’t it?

Smokey the Bowler

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