PdV totally redeems himself!

Just when you think Peter de Villiers can’t possibly go any lower, say anything dumber, or do anything more disgraceful than losing to a cream puff Wallaby side, he goes and …. totally redeems himself!

After last week’s embarrassment, I was ready to hand my chips in and say no more to PdV. But then when he was confronted by journalists this week about why he hadn’t picked his best squad to tour, he managed to pull out this sparkling gem;

“What do you mean by best players? The guys here at the moment, they performed in South Africa, in Super 15. There’s a few guys who didn’t make it that were also the best in Super 15. So best is a relative thing. Experience, then I’ll play Naas Botha too because he’s helluva experienced. “

The Nasty Booter - he's "helluva experienced".

He’s back baby! That touch of comic genius, the timing, the turn of phrase.  It’s what we’ve all been missing in our Bok coach all season.  He was admittedly an underdog to coach the Boks when his name was first thrown in the hat to be a contender.  But those who underrated him, clearly had never seen his now legendary Woodstock stand up comedy act. Peter de Villiers was well-known in those parts for his edgy material often combining material about the Arab-Israeli conflict with biting social commentary in a frequently incendiary comic performance.  Those who were fortunate enough to see his early material from the Woodstock comedy clubs  never question his ability to be Bok coach.  They even go so far to say Richard Prior stole most of his act from Peter de Villiers.

Well as long as he can continue to produce the comedic gems – he’ll continue to command a following amongst parts of the nation’s fan base.  After all – it sure doesn’t look like this team is being technically coached.

And for the movie fans out there – here’s a reenactment of PdV redeeming himself on the Bok tour to Australasia, courtesy of the Farrelly brothers:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnkefjCES-4?rel=0]


‘Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

~ Dumb and Dumber

Smokey the Bowler

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