On the road with Chilli Boy: 2

Aagh, sies man Flip!

Howdy folk…

Let’s not beat around the bush here shall we, Saturdays’ game was a complete and utter cock up on our behalf.

The boys were all totally gutted afterwards and the locker room was a pretty somber place to be, at least that was the case until Flip let rip with the biggest fart that I have ever heard in my life! It wasn’t intentional, I think it had something to do with all those supplements they make us take in the build up to a big game.
Anyways, whatever the cause was it certainly lightened the mood and soon everyone was laughing and joking around again. Even Coach Div and Dick got into the spirit of things by seeing who could make the best fart sounds with their mouths. They had us all in stitches we were laughing so hard! If there’s one thing that this coaching team has taught us it’s to not let a Test Match loss stop us from having a good time.

The post match function that night was held at a really fancy hotel overlooking the Sydney Harbour. I’ve known some of the Aussie boys for awhile now so I had a pretty good idea of how much booze would be available and thus prepared myself before hand by eating a loaf of bread.
Poor old Hargreaves wasn’t as smart as me and had a rather unfortunate “accident” in the gents, which actually I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning here. (Don’t worry Ally, I’m sure that stain will come right out).

It had been a long week and alot of the younger players were exhausted and so opted for bed straight after dinner. Those of us who still had a little energy left headed straight up to Wynand and Danies’ room for the traditional “Boks on tour” game of SingStar.
You might not believe it but Danie is pretty much untouchable when it comes to the game and has been the reigning Bok champ since SingStar “Take That” was released back in 2009. Although he’ll never admit to it his rendition of “Back for good” once brought Bakkies to tears. Yes, he’s that good.

Well readers, I think that’s about it  from me for now. All is well here in Wellington, if you discount the fact that we’re playing the All Blacks in a few days time. I’m sooo not looking forward to this one.

Until next time!



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