The Bok C’s – Let’s take out the knives

There was some insane drooling coming from the Supersport presentators on Saturday which I suspect was trying to pass itself off as post match commentary. The gist was that post the Wallaby test we need to take it easy on this Bok team since they aren’t the first choice.  Oh no, we disagree here at BDR.  That, my friends, is BS. I refuse to take it easy on them as though they somehow aren’t a professional rugby team representing their country. This team wore the green and gold on Saturday, and for the rubbish they dished up they deserve to dragged out of their hotels and forced to watch 18 hours straight of Darren Scott and Arnie Geerdts, in high definition, on zoom mode.

First off, well done to the Wallabies for bouncing back after a difficult week.  They were clearly the better team.  Now onto the main course, let’s take the C team apart.


  • Wynand Olivier signing autographs for Bok fans before the match on Saturday - Image via Wikipedia

    Morne Steyn – Shocker of a performance. He showed he is only good for two things, banging kicks over from anywhere and escorting opposition flyhalf and centres into the Springbok in goal area. The amount of room he gave to anything wearing yellow was frightening.  This guy could get a job of JFK international directing planes into their gates, because it is not as if he does any tackling.

  • Wynand Keeley Hazell Olivier – please, please, please. No more. No more wavy blonde hair in the back line “taking it up on the crash ball” when there are three unmarked players on the outside. He was second only to Morne in simply watching Ozzie runners drift past him.  I could have sworn I heard him shout “Go Quade – you good thing!” as Quade ran past him.
  • Both props.  A Bok prop should never be pushed around by anything in a canary yellow jersey. Ever.
  • Deon Stegman – Just stop. He doesn’t deserve a Bok jersey.
  • the rest of the loose forwards  were non-existent.  There was absolutely no mongrel whatsoever, it’s as though they spent teh week watching political documentaries about passive resistance Gandhi-style and decided that the best way to stop Australia would be to simply allow canary yellow jumpers to trample all over them. The defence around the rucks was putrid. I’ve seen better cover tackling at a My Little Pony tea party.  Was that a hooker ghosting through tackles near a ruck?  A hooker for Pete’s sake!

Those who actually took some pride in their performance:

  • Lambo – hell, when he was on the backline even resembled a group of players who vaguely knew each other he actually forced some tackles out of the Australians.
  • Ruan Pienaar – Did the most that could be asked of him given that the forwards did not bother to show up.
  • Mvovo – looked for work and was threatening when given opportunities.

Can they bounce back? There’s the little matter of playing New Zealand in New Zealand next week.  So no.  That horrible feeling in the pit of the stomach that started last week has now blown to all out nausea.  Or put another way, the distaste I know feel has grown from ‘I shouldn’t have had that second Big Mac’ level to full blown “morning after the bachelor’s party and I’ve just realised my wallet and car keys are missing” disgust with myself.

Any talk of defending this performance by saying how inexperienced certain players are merely demeans the Springbok jersey.  It would be one thing if they lost and showed a lot of heart. These guys lost while showing a level of commitment you’d expect from Charlie Sheen.   They let the country down.

Smokey the Bowler

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