The money hasn’t changed us: a word on politics

It’s a quiet rugby news day with no Saffer teams in the Super 15 final. So we thought we’d give our reader base an update on the changes at BDR since we received our vast injection of money (20 bucks) from our shadowy venture capital backers. After we bought the domain name and set up our Facebook page (see the footer at the bottom of this page), we took the leftover proceeds and paid ourselves a lavish bonus. Just don’t tell our shadowy venture capital backers that the Facebook page was free.

Despite being awash with new Web 2.0 tech bubble money, we have so far resisted the urge to become politically corrupt, despite many advances from the big political parties to endorse them.  To re-iterate, we’d like to make it clear – Big Daddy Rugby doesn’t endorse any political party. This is despite the fact that many South African politicians have been in the media claiming to have received the “vote of confidence” from the Big Daddy Rugby team.  The youth league conference also recently devoted an entire session to a discussion of the nationalisation of our website as a “strategic national resource”, with the option to kickback advertising money to the party leaders.

Fine, we’ll be drawn into a political discussion then. The nature of the internet is such that the most attention gets given to the extreme voices on both sides. If you get your news from most media sources here, you’d think that this country is on the verge of chaos and that people support clowns who get a megaphone and spew garbage . It’s pretty sad when politicians get up and call an entire group of the population “criminals” or “devils” and no other politicians in his party correct him. I’m not going to mention any one in particular, other than to say that his name is Julius Malema.  The fact that 5000 people support him in the corners of the sticks doesn’t make him represent “youth” or anyone in particular.

So no, we don’t endorse any political party. We represent a large silent majority in this country, people who don’t give a crap about what happened 40 years ago, and who just want to get on with building our futures. We can’t build up our future if we’re constantly tearing open the wounds of the past.

So here’s to you, our readers: from our gay, black Bulls fan (you know who you are!) to Kobus in the Karoo accessing Big Daddy Rugby tirelessly from his 56k copper cable modem in his farmhouse.  From the guy in the UK accidentally stumbling onto our website while googling homoerotic search terms to the lady in Camps Bay who drunkenly mistypes our URL into her search bar…

Onwards and upwards! The money won’t change us – Big Daddy Rugby still has its integrity.

Smokey the Bowler

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