The new racists: ‘pseudo-Kiwi’ supporters at Newlands

The old SA flag waving racists have all packed their bags and moved to Perth. There’s a new racist in town: the pseudo-kiwi at Newlands.  These idiots ruining the experience for everyone are not to be confused with real New Zealand rugby fans. I’ll proudly buy a round of drinks for any Kiwi fan who has made the trip over to the Republic.  I’m not talking about the genuine articles.  I’m talking about the “pseudo-never been to New Zealand” knobs who can’t get over this country’s past.

What part of Cantebury are you from?

The Kiwi fans I’ve met on my overseas travels have been nothing but kind and good mates. My beef is with those knobs who wave the All Black flag at Newlands as a political statement like a big middle finger to the New South Africa.

We’ve gotten over the past here at Big Daddy Rugby. We’re a part of trying to build this country up and trying to turn something beautiful out of a country that was once divided, a place that overcomes its history of hatred.  But the pseudo-Kiwis are doing nothing but showing us that they still live in the past and do not want reconciliation.

Seriously dudes… It’s not 1986. Huey Lewis isn’t on the radio and Marty McFly isn’t storming up a barn in theatres everywhere.  Its a new country, its a free country – and if you don’t want to be a part of it, shut the hell up and let the rest of us try to build a country that’s worth living in.  You can join your kin at Oranje and the sleepy suburbs of certain less-than-diverse expat destinations.

For the rest of the Kiwi fans in Cape Town: You are more than welcome here, have a drink on me and enjoy the game buds.

Smokey the Bowler

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