A bag of crisps for Bryan Habana, anyone? Anyone?

Bryan Habana goes for the line.

In the words of Bob Dylan - There's a slow, slow train coming up around the bend. Image via Wikipedia

Supersport’s Brenden Nel reported earlier this week that Bryan Habana got the snub from Toulon for asking for an outrageous R21 million contract. Clearly Habana thinks it is still 2007 and that the sun still shines out of his oversized bicycle shorts. Habana seems to forgotten that since the golden days of 2007 when he stood at the tippy top of the rugby world, he has slowed down to the speed of a Telkom customer service line and added the handling skills of an eel juggling a bowl of Jello.

The Habana of pre-2007 would never have been caught from behind during last week’s Stormers’ v Bulls game. And I stand under correction, but I suspect that the pre-2007 Habana had a better haircut too. Sure, the pre-2007 Habana might actually have been worth shelling out that amount of money. But R21 million in 2011?  Bryan – what have you been smoking?

The Toulon owner who bankrolls the French rugby club was apparently big fan of Habanero but I suspect must actually have seen some footage of the slow coach since negotiation.  Chippie the Cleaner Our reliable source in the Stormers camp reports that Habana and his dad are in new negotiations with an as yet unnamed English team to bring “ol’ faithful” up North. Apparently this time Habana is being more realistic and has reduced his asking price down from R21m to a more modest offer of:

–        a packet of crisps,

–        Seasons 1 through 4 of the Wire on a DVD box set,

–        and a complete set of “Mr T from the A-team” collectors cards.

At this stage whether or not the Wire box set needs to still be in its original packaging seems to be sticking point on the negotiations.

That’s more like it Bryan.

Smokey the Bowler

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