Dear Dr Jannie

Big Daddy Rugby are proud to welcome aboard our own in-house Doctor, Dr Jannie,  who’ll be happy to answer any  medical related questions or offer advice to readers who may be experiencing personal difficulties. First up we have a letter from a reader in Goodwood:

Dear Dr Jannie,

My wife and I have been happily married for 5 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs, like all couples do, but we’ve always managed to pull through the bad times and I believe that we have grown closer together over the years.

But that is all about to change now.

Last night I was online trying to buy tickets for the “Gospel Skouspel” show later this year when I discovered, to my horror,  that my wife has been searching for pictures of “Pierre Spies with his shirt off” and “CJ Van der Linde in a speedo”. There were even a few search terms that I just don’t feel comfortable putting in my letter to you Dr Jannie!

I really felt like I had just been kicked in the guts. It was as if my whole world had come crashing down around me. Darkness everywhere.

I haven’t spoken to my wife about this yet Dr Jannie because I’m just too upset right now. She knows something isn’t right and has tried to get me to talk but I keep choking up at the thought of her googling for indecent images of these guys.

How can I compete with that? What should I do? Please help Dr Jannie!

A Broken man.

Dear Broken man,

When Bismarck and I were growing up on the farm we used to play this game that we called “Broer trust”.

Bismarck would stand in front of me with his eyes closed and fall backwards, where I would catch him in my arms just before he hit the ground.
When it came my turn to fall Bismarck, without fail, would let me drop. He would crack up laughing and say things like “Jannie you dick, you trusted me again, who’s the clever brother now hey?!”
I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t hurt, both physically and emotionally, but you know what, I decided that the joy Bismarck got from seeing me writhe in pain on the ground was worth a bruised back (and ego).

I trust that this story from our past will shed some light onto your situation.

Good luck Broken Man!

Dr Jannie.



  1. Dear Dr Jannie

    I have to say that you absolutely have to write a book!! I LOVE your stories.

    Thanks for the entertainment

  2. Thank you Helen! I’ll mention your suggestion to the good doctor and hopefully we’ll being reading his memoirs very soon.

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