Even the Kiwis think that Dickinson is a knob

You know it is bad when even the Kiwi’s are jumping on the bandwagon and complaining about “the Dick” who blew the whistle in the match between the Reds and the Crusaders.  Hell – hasn’t any one been paying attention to Big Daddy Rugby?  Must the story be broken by stuff.co.nz to be taken seriously?

“After the shockingly inept performance by the Aussie whistle-blower in Sunday’s 17-16 defeat for the Crusaders against the Queensland Reds in Brisbane, he has again found himself at the centre of controversy.

Rugby at this level shouldn’t be about the refs. Occasionally they have big calls to make and can influence the outcome of games with their decisions at the end of tight contests – fair enough. But they shouldn’t stamp their mark all over matches the way Dickinson did on Sunday in front of a full house. And they most certainly shouldn’t get it as badly wrong as the officious Aussie did, ruining a splendid game of rugby between two of the elite teams in this competition.”

Stuart Dickinson. What a knob.

Amen,Marc Hinton. Now if you’d just admit that once in a while Richie McCaw does actually infringe at the ruck, we’d have even more in common. The full article is available from stuff.co.nz here.

Smokey the Bowler

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