Hugh Bladen *facepalm* from the Sports Billy site

Oh the joys of stumbling through the interwebs aimlessly.  The Sports Billy site has some views on the state of commentary in South Africa. Sports Billy has a knack of telling it like Big Daddy Rugby feels about Hugh Bladen’s commentary.

Here’s the “guide to commentate like Hugh Bladen” from the Sports Billy site.

Prepare hipflask before kickoff. Have a quick ‘tongue loosener’. Oh my, that slid down didn’t it, there’s plenty of time. Gulp. Gulp. Damn hip-flask leaks. Fill it up, then. Do pre-match interview in howling gale with hair blowing more than a Oxford Rd night-walker. Have a little ‘shudderer’ to warm up. Shout ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ when Barman pours you a triple. Rehearse shouting ‘UNBELIEVABLE’, you gonna use it a lot. Repeat player’s name adhoc with increasing urgency when lost for words ala ‘Van der Westhuizen, VAN der Westhuizen, VAN DER WESTHUIZEN.’ Gulp gulp. Stay away from balconies.

The Sports Billy site full article at

It’s best to think of Hugh Bladen as an older, sadder version of Charlie Sheen.

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