Gavin Henson: How not to make a World Cup Squad

Anyone remember Gavin Henson? You know, the great perma-tanned hope of Welsh rugby who’s dined out on one big tackle and a long-range penalty for pretty much his entire career?

You know, the guy who dated Charlotte Church for a while and the guy who took a break from rugby to take part in the Reality TV show “Strictly come dancing”?

Yeah, that’s the Gavin Henson I’m talking about.

Now Gav has had a number of well documented run ins with team mates and coaching staff and my sources in the Welsh camp tell me that “he’s a bit of a knob”, so when I read the news that Gav had decided to bless us once more with his God-given rugby gift and joined up with French team Toulon, I knew that trouble was not far around the corner.

With this gig at Toulon being seen as his last opportunity to snake his way back into the Welsh squad one would have expected him to knuckle down and to just focus on getting some game time under his belt, but alas, Gav marches to a very different drum.

Whilst out celebrating a victory with his team mates Gav decided that the natural progression of events for the evening should go something like this:

    Get pissed
    Mock Johnny Wilkinson
    Mock the Captain Joe Van Niekerk
    Get into a fight with scrum half Matt Henjak
    Go home and weep in the dark


The club are expected to announce later today that his contract has been “terminated” and with that his chances of playing in the World Cup later this year.

I can’t help but feel that this is good news for the Welsh, but bad news for the Boks.

Lay off the “Brutal Fruit” Gav, it’s not helping.

Gav Henson - Young, Dumb and full of...Rum?



  1. he was never married to charlotte church… one big tackle and one long range kick..? what about two grandslams and wales only ever losing one match he started in..? i think gav isn’t the only one who is a bit of a knob…

  2. Oops. My bad on the marriage error. I’ll amend that later.
    The Wales team that won 2 Grand Slams was a really good side, and I’m sure that Gavin played his part, it is a team sport after all. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is best known (in a rugby context) for the two plays mentioned, and that his reputation as a player of special talents stems largely from those two moments on the field.
    And yes, I am a bit of knob too. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Until Henson is part of a team that either
    a) wins the world cup or
    b) beats NZ in NZ
    he will always be someone who talked and acted a bigger game then he ever played.

  4. Looks like he is on the way to making a WC squad… poor call Silas…

  5. sheesh…. so it’s safe to assume that Welsh will be a divided squad…

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