A tip of the hat to Cheetahs fans everywhere

I don’t know how they do it.  How the hell do Cheetahs fans get up every Saturday morning, pull that orange and white jersey off the shelf, slip it over their shoulders and walk out into the sun ready to face another game at Bloemfontein stadium?

As if the season wasn’t difficult enough already, the Cheetahs attack did everything they could on Saturday putting up 47 points against the Hurricanes.  But you guessed it… they still find a way to lose at home, letting through 50 points.

FFS. If I were a Cheetahs8 fan, I would have spoiled about a dozen drinks this weekend hurling them at the new flatscreen in the lounge. What were they thinking?  Apparently the defensive practice session this week consisted of Naka Drotske showing the squad his iPad and the new Angry Birds app he downloaded, because it sure as hell didn’t look like the Cheetahs knew the meaning of defence this weekend. Oy.

Just another long painful season for the boys from Bloemfontein.

It’s got to be hard to support the Cheetahs. The Cheetahs rugby union faces certain historic disadvantages every season.  While the Free State is capable of producing blue eyed blonde loose forward machines like bakkies off of an assembly line, they can’t keep any of the talent because of the lack of money in the union. They bleed talent every season when richer unions flash wallets in front of bright eyed youngsters at Craven week.

If the economic disadvantages were not enough of an obstacle, they also crippled in having the iffiest cheerleading talent out of all of the SA teams. While the Sharks have historically set the benchmark on this front, the talent this season from Bloemfontein… is not quite up to scratch to put it kindly. But this season in particular has been an especially brutal one for Cheetahs fans.

Let’s do a quick recap of the season so far. They are 14th out of a possible 15 on the combined log. They have a combined injury list for 2011 that reads like the ending credits of the Titanic, they have lost more than half of their starting fifteen through injury this season.  Yip, you read that right, MORE THAN HALF of their starting fifteen are playing Tetris on their cellphones during matches. I wonder if Naka Drotske can send his Discovery Health medical aid bill to the Super 15 administrators for the scheduling genius this season.  The injury list includes their two best players: the German U-Boat commander Juan Smith and Lobster Boy Heinrich Brussow.

And now they are starting to show that special talent of the truly cursed teams: being able to butcher games that you should never be able to lose – Proteas style.

For those Cheetahs fans, that despite all of this, will still bring the orange coffee mug to work on Monday and still find the courage to put on the orange and white next Saturday, you have earned the respect of Big Daddy Rugby. You are true supporters.

Smokey the Bowler


  1. I also dont know how any Lions fan can make it every home game in a dodhy part of Jozi! you reckon the Rugby union buses them in with a promise of a free t-shirt and a klippies and coke?

    On a gloomy weekend for Saffer teams please see a great video of dickhead Ashton (him of swallow dive “fame”) getting roughed up by none other than the only Bok rasta ..the one and only Gcobani Bobo…

    sit back and enjoy..


  2. Ahh Bobo, we miss ye. At one time you were the Bok of promise…

    Yeah, I have no idea how lions fans do it either. What makes it worse for lions fans is that they get a flash of genius once a game, kind of like destroying the 18th after a horrible round of golf – just enough to entice you to try again next week.

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