The Cobra Kai Bulls beat those guys in yellow from NZ

Team Yellow from NZ’s best laid plans were laid to waste again this weekend.

So the Bulls rectified the sinking ship that was their season by pulling a win out of the bag against those guys in Yellow from New Zealand.  The team that never had a decent pack, but used to be pretty dangerous when Lomu and Cullen played for them.  You know.  The Hurricanes.

It is being reported as an ugly victory by most blogs and media sources. If I was a Bulls fan, I’d say stick it. I’ll take a win on Kiwi soil any day, and screw how “ugly” it looked to the purists in Kiwiland.  As they say up north “looks at the scoreboard”  – that is all that matters.

Footage from the Blue Bulls pre-season training camp

After losing two in a row at Fortress Loftus it must have been a relief to see Morne Steyn banging the kicks over and to see Bulls resorting to that primitive smash you up front approach. There are few things sweeter than seeing a Bulls team dominate an opponent to the point of intimidation, and the competition needs a bully.  It’s kind of like that bad ass kid in the first Karate Kid movie. You need Johnny from the Cobra Kai dojo to make the film interesting.  And the Super 15 needs a bad ass Blue Bulls team.

The tour to South Africa for visiting teams was in danger of becoming a “concede the game against the Stormers and rack up bonus points against everyone else” kind of an affair. But having a formidable Bulls team firing on cylinders can only improve the interest in the Super 15 and the quality of the tournament as whole.

The flash, the skillful, the cunning and the tricky all in their own way need a bully to pit their skills against. That’s what the Blue Bulls provide. For all the carping and whining that comes out of Aussie papers about the thugs up north in the republic, you know they secretly love it.

Everybody loves a good ass-kicking handed out by a bully.  Bring it on!

Um yeah.  And Supersport, stop calling the Hurricanes a “quality team”. They’re not.

Smokey the Bowler

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