Luke Watson – Big Daddy Rugby extends the olive branch

Luke Watson had a bit of a rough year a while ago after falling out with Jake White, John Smit and some pretty thick comments about the Bok emblem that even I couldn’t defend. He went from poster boy to punch bag in a few short months, especially after John Smit released his autobiography.

I’ve always liked Luke Watson – after all SA rugby needs characters.  And anyone who gets the old guard from the bad old days upset is worth a cheer if you ask me. I’d love to see a bit more WWE-style post match theatrics in rugby. There’s nothing more tiring than hearing post-match interviews talking about how “the boys gave a 100% percent out there”.

Wouldn’t it be great if after the Stormers victory over the Bulls we got to hear Jean De Villiers finish off his Supersport interview at Loftus with:

“And all the Bulls fans out there can suck it! Stormers rule!”

For good measure, maybe he could throw his Powerade drink in the face of Bobby Skinstad before leaving the podium. I’d definitely stay tuned for post match interviews if that kind of send off was a possibility.

Luke - it takes a special kind of fellow to really get under the skin of those who bring the old flag to test matches.

Well I don’t think that it will happen anytime soon, but nevertheless with the news that later this year Luke is coming back to SA to play for the Southern Kings he seems to be repairing his image in South Africa.

One of the comments from Luke in his interview with another rugby blog site Rugby Heels and Everything Else is pretty revealing:

Luke: “Fans, fence-sitters, cynics… thank you all! Thanks to those who have supported me through some really difficult times (I might even have let some of you down and for that I apologise). You are awesome! To the cynics/haters… I get it. I promise. I totally understand. I’m sorry if I offended or hurt anyone, that was never my intention. People make mistakes. I’ve definitely made some. So I understand. To the fence-sitter… Thanks for not hating me!!”

You’d have to say, in the words of Peep Show “fair enough”.  At least in the opinion of this website, Luke Watson is alright with me.  All is forgiven my friend.  Come back and kick some ass on the field.

The full article is available here – and I must say it’s good to see a fellow rugby site run by a woman. The rugby media landscape is changing in SA.

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