Questionable Grooming: The contenders

After 3 weeks of “Super” rugby it’s probably a good time to introduce a few of our contenders for the all important “Questionable Grooming”
title for the 2011 season.

Now this is by no means a final list as I’m sure that as the season progresses a number of new players will step up to the plate in an attempt to “out-mullet”, “out-beard” or just plain “out-ugly” the chaps we have listed below.

The only criteria for making it onto this prestigious list is that “the look” must be the current look of the player (so all those tough backs who grew beards for the start of the season only to wimp out and shave them by week 2 do not make the cut).

Without further ado I give you:

Josh Strauss – The Commune Leader

Nick Cummins – The 80’s Rocker

Adam Byrnes – The Wanted in 4 States

Jannie du Plessis – The Consistently Bad

Tatafu Polota-Nau – The Pimp Daddy

Special mention must go to the Sharks reserve lock Anton Bresler for his breathtaking mullet and to the Lions speedster James Kamana for his strangely unsettling “rat-tail”. Both will be added to the list when suitable images are found.

Feel free to comment with your nominations. There must be at least 30 Kiwis missing from the list.



  1. Maybe BigDaddy administrators can track down Kabous van der Westhuizen to adjudicate the finalists?

    Kabous, with the dark greasy shoulder length hair had a reputation for avoiding the post match shower, heading straight out to the strip in leather jacket & jean pant combination with a full 80 min rugby sweat as his choice of cologne to impres the ladies.

  2. I like your thinking. Last I heard was that Kabous had joined the “Senior Chippendales Tour” and was shaking his mane out and about in Western Australia. We’ll see what we can do. Maybe the promise of a Sack, Back and Crack wax will lure him back out to our shores…

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