Well in, Danny Boy!

Ok, this may not go down well, especially with the parents of tiny tots who are always trying to guide their youngsters towards the good role models and shield them from the undesireables.*

But I enjoyed the story that broke earlier this week about Danny Cipriani nicking a bottle of vodka at a nightclub after the Rebels crushing defeat to the Waratahs.  Danny Boy appears to have bags of character…well, at least he won’t let a big loss get him down.

“Feck it yeah lads, so we’ve just had another one ripped out of us by the ‘Tahs, let’s have a night on the tiles then hey… Come on get involved, drinks are on me!”

Then a week later, he pops up with a last minute clutch penalty kick to give the Rebel Alliance their first ever win. You have to give the guy credit – here’s an Englishman taking on the Australian mantra of winning at the death, with off field antics to boot – in the Aussies’ own backyard. If he performs consistently, week in week out, on and off the pitch, he will surely win the affection of even those die hard English-hating Australians. More South African ex-pats who cluster in their ox wagon laagers in Oz should follow this gentleman’s example on what needs to be done  if they want to win over the locals.

And I chuckled at the nightclub manager’s response :  “I still haven’t heard boo from him.”

“Boo” ??


Back to Danny Boy.

This episode adds yet another chapter to what soon could be a released autobiography:  dating Kelly Brook, tabloid claims of a roll in the hay with a she-man, and other rumors of him fraternizing with one of the Cheeky Girls. So the stories are fabricated and people probably doubt the authenticity of the claims – but Danny Boy has a glorious chance to kick on and etch his name into the history books.

Claim it Danny Boy, and start shifting the units off the book shelves.

(*not really an undesirerable on face value is he? I reckon most mothers would have their panties down faster than on Father’s Day to enjoy close combat with him…)

Fancy a Roll?


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