Bladdy hell, did someone crank up the heat in here?

Post by our new contributor Ron Burgundy (technology issues aside)

I recently attended a comedy gig in town.

It should have been, in my eyes anyway, a fun date out with a lass who I was keen to impress with my ability to tap into the underground comedy scene in South Africa

It backfired – horribly. The young comedian was a poor version of Seth Rogen; no, in fact he was a pauper when it came to the material he had on him.

There I was, a deflated man, slumped in the theatre chair as we endured 70 minutes of hell (thank the Pope and his trusty band of Cardinals that the comedian didn’t see out the extra time).

Thereafter it was a case of damage control as I tried to claw my way back into contention for the rest of the evening.

I have a trump card though, and I feel obligated to share it so that if anyone has one of those moments/days when you just know, straight up from the kick off, that you’re up against it for the full 80.

The trump card is an interview from a few years back conducted by a Sky Sports Vulture commentator, with his prey being the massive ripe carcass of WC2003 winning captain Martin Johnson, after a particularly poor performance at the Fortress.

I reckon this is also an appropriate clip to ramp up excitement levels for Saturday’s “Le Crunch” .

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Now we’re cooking on gas, someone just turned up the heat….enjoy!




  1. This clip is genius! Don’t know the name of the guy who is interviewing Johnson but he’s a total fucking legend. When he asked this: “You talked about the points you left out there – what about the 42 you gave away?” I love how Johnson stumbles over his words…priceless.

  2. Haha! My favourite has to be “Were England daft today Martin?”. Great stuff!

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